1. How often is Dark Valentine published?
Four times a year.

2. Is Dark Valentine magazine a paying market?
Yes. The magazine pays $10 per story and $10 per illustration.

3. Is Dark Valentine magazine available in print?
No. Dark Valentine is currently online only. We plan an annual themed anthology that will be available both online and in print.

4. Is there pay for fiction that appears on the website?
No. Serialized fiction; one-off, website-only stories; and submissions to “Through a Lens Darkly” are not compensated.

5. My story “Dark of the Moon” was published in Bellerophon magazine. May I submit it to Dark Valentine?
No. We do not publish reprints. Since you retain the copyright to any story published on our site or in our magazine, however, you are free to seek reprint markets one month after the story is published.

6. If my story is accepted for publication, will you edit it?
Yes, if necessary. We follow the Chicago Manual of Style. If you’re not familiar with that resource, you can get a free trial here.

7. I use frank language in my story. Will you cut it out?
Some stories require frank language; some stories do not. If we think a story has gotten over the top with profanity, we will discuss it with you. The same goes for gore or sex. Think R-rated, not X.

8. I am a writer/artist. May I illustrate my own story?
You are welcome to submit art along with your story. Please note that we might not agree that your artwork is the best match for your story.

9. I am a writer living outside the U.S. May I submit my work to Dark Valentine?
Yes, please. We welcome submissions from all over the globe. If you’re submitting to the magazine, be sure that PayPal service is available to your country.

10. I have never been published before. May I submit to your magazine or website?

Absolutely. We welcome unpublished writers.

11. I have seven stories that would be perfect for your magazine. May I send them all at once?
No. One story at a time, please, and please don’t send us a second story until we have responded to the first.

12. How long will it take you to respond to material?
We will respond in a month to six weeks or sooner. Please do not inquire about submissions until six weeks after you received our auto-response confirming we received your material.

13. I have written a 35,000-word novella. May I submit it to the magazine?
No. However, we will publish serialized fiction on our website on a case-by-case basis. Please query at submissions@darkvalentine.net and tell us a bit about your project.

14. I have written an epic poem about the death of Odin. May I submit it?
No. We do not publish poetry in Dark Valentine magazine.

15. If you reject my story, will you critique it for me?
No. We simply do not have the staff to provide critiques for rejected material.

16. I am confused. What is the difference between the website and the magazine in terms of submissions?
The website content is updated and refreshed constantly, including sections like “Through a Lens Darkly.” We do not pay for content published on the site. Dark Valentine magazine is published quarterly as a magazine with totally original content in each issue. We will not recycle website content, and we will pay for any story or illustration used in the issues. Dark Valentine magazine will be published on the site but as a separate and discrete entity.