Advertise With Dark Valentine Magazine!

We have several options available to interested advertisers. Our site averages approximately 200 unique visitors every day and continues to grow in popularity.

Advertise on the website.
Your web ad will appear on each page of the Dark Valentine website on the far right sidebar. Maximum ad width is 160 pixels (72 dpi). Ads can be any height up to 400 pixels (72 dpi). Animated gifs will be allowed as long as the design is subtle, and are subject to editorial approval.

Website ad rates:
Premium position (directly under our Facebook and Twitter badges): $25 per month
All other positions: $10 per month

Advertise in the magazine.
Your ad will appear in full color in the pdf version of Dark Valentine magazine. Magazine ads can be submitted in jpeg or tiff format. Please contact us for a quote if you would prefer to have our designer compose an ad for you.

Magazine ad rates:
Full page (6.8 x 9 inches): $25
Half-page vertical (3.1875 x 8.4216 inches): $10
Half-page horizontal (6.8 x 4.5 inches): $10
Quarter-page or spots (3.1875 x 4.2 inches): $5

We offer a discount of 10% off if you advertise with us for three to six months and 20% off if you advertise with us for seven to twelve months.

Ad space in the magazine is given on a first-come basis. If you would like optimal placement in the magazine, it’s a good idea to reserve your space early.

For more information, contact the publisher.