About the Publisher

Katherine Tomlinson has been a working writer since age 16 but came to fiction after years of writing news stories and feature articles and columns and newsbreaks for so many newspapers and magazines she can no longer remember all their names.

As a fictionista, her imagination is morbid, her verbal palette filled with midnight shades of blue and purple and crimson so dark it’s almost black. Equally influenced by Rod Serling and Jim Henson, she is a fan of Steven King, Tanith Lee, Laurell K. Hamilton, Harlan Ellison and Edgar Allan Poe. Her work has appeared in ThugLit, Powder Burn Flash, A Twist of Noir, Dark Fire and Astonishing Adventures Magazine. Her anthology of short stories, Just Another Day in Paradise, will be published in March.

Causes dear to her bleeding heart:

Breast Cancer—One in three women will get it. My friend Julie is a survivor, my dearest Great-Aunt Helen was not. Click here to sponsor free mammograms with just your mouse click.

Doctors Without Borders—When the earthquake devastated Haiti in January, Doctors Without Borders were there before anyone else. They’re basically superheroes without capes. Click here to donate.

Heifer International—This international aid organization is all about ending hunger and empowering people. For as little as $20 you can donate a flock of chicks, a flock of geese or a flock of ducks; $30 donates honeybees. Click here.

Polycystic Kidney Disease—This is not one of the sexy charities. It doesn’t have a colored ribbon. It’s genetic and it’s incurable. Sometimes you can slow it down with a kidney transplant. Sometimes the new kidney gets cysts too. My best friend and her brothers inherited it. Click here to find out more.